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Chapter 399 Caught in the Act

  • Li Qianhui’s pupils contracted and then dilated as her fury burned in her chest. If she could transcend into the photo, she would definitely do it and destroy her husband and the woman.
  • It was no wonder that Xia Chunyang rarely came home recently—he was keeping a mistress and spending most of his time with her. As a man in his 50’s, he was drained of all his energy when he returned, which was why he never went to Li Qianhui’s room again.
  • Li Qianhui enlarged the woman’s face on her phone and soon recognized that it was Kong Peixian, who used to be her daughter’s lackey.
  • She remembered that Kong Peixian wasn’t well-off. It never occurred to her that this woman would be so shameless to seduce her classmate’s father. The shopping bags in Xia Chunyang’s hands obviously contained expensive luxury items. She could enjoy her life just by sleeping with a wealthy man. What a b*tch!
  • Li Qianhui was engulfed in fury. She was a mistress herself who successfully became Xia Chunyang’s wife. Afraid that another woman would do the same and snatch her husband from her, she would always keep an eye on him. It had never crossed her mind that while she was enduring the hardship of pregnancy at home, her husband was cheating on her and having fun outside.
  • She clenched her fists as her nails buried deep in her palms. Suppressing her anger, she dialed Xia Chunyang’s number.
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