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Chapter 429 No Home to Return to

  • Madam Lu was stunned for a while and could not utter a single word. She looked down at the man lying in her lap. “But what will you do if Micheng is gone?”
  • Lu Yuzhen tugged at his pale lips. “Well, life will return to normal. I’m used to it anyway.” His tone sounded low, weak, dead and cynical.
  • Madam Lu was still crying as she caressed Lu Yuzhen’s short hair affectionately. The men of the Lu Family were all fools for love, be it his dad or him. Madam Lu did not even know if she had made the wrong decision. The substitute marriage was short-lived. Not only was he scarred in the heart, he was physically injured too.
  • “Okay. Grandma will promise you not to search for Micheng. She’s a nice girl. Since you have decided to let go of each other, I have nothing more to say. But from now on, you have to be cooperative when it comes to the treatments for your injury, your insomnia and your mental health. Could you promise me this?”
  • Madam Lu seemed to have aged a lot over the night. After all, she was old and probably had not many years left to stay by Lu Yuzhen’s side. She worried about him a lot.
  • Lu Yuzhen gently closed his eyes. “I promise.”
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