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Chapter 1723 Plan Went Wrong

  • Gu Longfan’s gaze was fixated on Ye Yuan. He couldn’t look away at all.
  • His entire view was filled by Ye Yuan.
  • The flames of anger fueled by hatred engulfed Chen Yuanyuan’s mind as her lip started bleeding from her biting it. However, she suddenly smiled sinisterly.
  • She had already got someone to spike Ye Yuan’s water with a drug that could cause a person to lose control completely.
  • In no time, Ye Yuan would start to feel hot. Then, her body would begin to burn to the point that she would start removing her clothing in front of everyone and the camera. It would be a stripping show.
  • Now that everyone was hot on Blissful Life’s crew and Ye Yuan’s heels, it would surely stir a huge commotion once Ye Yuan’s stripping picture was leaked. That would surely be showtime.
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