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Chapter 1367 Who Are You?

  • Stunned, Mrs. Wu’s face changed completely as she reached out and grabbed Liu Zhaodi by the collar. “What did you say? Lu Chikai said that Lu Feifei isn’t dead?”
  • “That’s right, that’s what that prodigy child said, b-but Lu Feifei looks dead to me...”
  • “This is bad! I fell for their trap!” Mrs. Wu released her and turned to leave. She had to leave this place as soon as possible.
  • But just as she pulled the door open, the corridor outside turned bright. A group of well-built bodyguards dressed in black had surrounded the place. It was impossible for her to escape even if she had wings.
  • Mrs. Wu’s heart sank in an instant. Just then, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps–—Lu Zhengzhe had arrived with Lu Chikai next to him.
  • “Mrs. Wu, where do you want to go now that you’re already here?” Lu Chikai asked in his baby voice.
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