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Chapter 390 Slaps Him

  • Lu Yuzhen looked at her reddened eyes. He knew that he had hurt her feelings, but he had to push her away himself.
  • He had always trusted in luck while being greedy in the past, for he had thought that he would reap happiness as long as he held her in his hands. However, as it turned out, that was not the case; he was predestined not to be happy.
  • “Mrs. Lu, are you going to bring up that membrane of yours with me now? There are many ways to play up to men. How would I have known if you have played up to Lu Xinang like the way you played up to me? Besides, the field of medicine is well-developed now. Who knows if that membrane of yours was patched up? It should be as easy as pie for you, who has studied medicine, to patch a membrane…”
  • Before he could finish his sentence, Xia Micheng raised her hand and slapped him with all her might.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s handsome face tilted to one side with that loud, hard slap.
  • The entire room fell into dead silence as all his cruel words were cut short.
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