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Chapter 439 He’ll Be Waiting in Beijing

  • “Cheng, I’m bringing Auntie Lin with me. I’ll be waiting for you in Beijing.” With that, Su Ju turned to leave.
  • Hell be waiting for me in Beijing? Why would he wait for me in Beijing when he comes from one of four most distinguished families in Haicheng City? And why Beijing...
  • It seemed to Xia Micheng that many people were waiting for her in Beijing, as if there was something calling out to her in that city. She had that feeling since the beginning, the intensity of which was strengthened upon Su Ju’s arrival.
  • Xia Micheng turned around and saw Su Ju moving further away. Amidst the drizzle, he looked cool yet handsome. Raindrops dripped from the umbrella but never touched his suits, making him look a little mysterious.
  • Who is Su Ju? Did he only listen to my mommy? Xia Micheng knew that her mommy liked Su Ju very much. When they were younger, her mommy would always hold her in one hand and held Su Ju in another. Su Ju was raised by her mommy for a few years. She seemed to have missed something.
  • As Xia Micheng pondered over the matter, she didn’t notice that a limousine had parked just outside the cemetery. Lu Yuzhen was here, seated in the back.
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