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Chapter 690 A Miscarriage

  • Didn’t Fan Qi jab a needle at her? In that case, she would return the favor to Fan Qi!
  • Didn’t Li Yuntong want to orchestrate the drama of a wife humiliating her husband’s mistress at her radio audition to make a name for herself? In that case, she would let the entire nation listen to Old Master Ye’s love scandal to help propel Li Yuntong to fame and make Radio Station A be known to everyone.
  • Didn’t Old Master Ye want to ruin her reputation and integrity? In that case, she would better drag Old Master Ye’s name through the mud and reduce the respectable Dean of the Academy of Sciences to a topic for leisure time discussions.
  • As for Ye Zi, she probably thought that the radio station had not livened up enough. In that case, Xia Micheng would stage a good show to spice things up.
  • All these people who messed with me could never try to get away from me, Xia Micheng thought to herself.
  • Xia Micheng lifted up her gorgeous face to look at Lu Xinang, who was next to her. “I know that. Fan Qi’s interview is their powerful counterblow.”
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