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Chapter 580 Lost in Lust and Luxury

  • Xia Micheng knew that she couldn’t simply make her move. She’d joined this game the moment she set foot at this place. She then stared at the usher. “Why can’t the woman be the master instead? Are you guys sexist?”
  • The usher was taken aback. After all, no woman had dared to ask for a gender switch and for the men to be the slave after so many rounds of the party.
  • All of the men who joined cocktail parties like this were incredibly rich. On the contrary, the women who attended the party tolerated the gaming rule here and dressed their best to try to seduce the men here with their beauty and body willingly.
  • “Miss, this is the law of the jungle; the weak will be the prey of the strong here. It's fine if you do not want to participate, so please leave,” the usher urged impatiently.
  • Xia Micheng’s lashes fluttered as her lean arm reached out to select the masks. “It's fine. I'll pick this mask, then.”
  • The usher glanced at the mask Xia Micheng selected. It was a cat-shaped mask, an unpopular choice.
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