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Chapter 599 So Watch Out!

  • With that, Xia Micheng’s watery gaze fell upon Liu Zhaodi. With her hands at the back, she sized Liu Zhaodi up and clicked her tongue. “The lady who used to be the most beautiful woman in Beijing is here. However, Mrs. Lu, I feel that there’s something missing in you… You look nothing like the fabled Beijing’s top beauty. Could it be that you’re actually not her?”
  • Liu Zhaodi gasped and looked at Xia Micheng in disbelief. The latter seemed to know something. But how could she know it?
  • “Mrs. Lu, your name is Liu Zhaodi. The most beautiful woman in Beijing is called Liu Yingluo. Am I right?” Xia Micheng continued.
  • Liu Zhaodi’s pupils contracted, and she looked at Xia Micheng in fear.
  • Xia Micheng knew a thing or two. Some were told by Lu Yuzhen, and some she figured out on her own. Staring at Liu Zhaodi’s drastically changed expression, she smirked. “So the woman that Uncle Lu married was Liu Yingluo. The names that were printed on the marriage certificate should be Uncle Lu’s and Liu Yingluo’s. I wonder if the spouse name on the certificate has been changed to yours after you married Uncle Lu.”
  • Liu Zhaodi felt as though a knife had been stabbed into her heart. She was exasperated. It had been like a thorn in her throat, for although she was Mrs. Lu on paper, she and Lu Zhengzhe didn’t register for marriage. The names that were written on the marriage certificate were still Lu Zhengzhe and Liu Yingluo.
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