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Chapter 1295 I Can’t, but You Can?

  • Lu Yuzhen and Xia Micheng also planned to leave, but Shangguan Xu halted them. “Chairman Lu, please stop for a moment. I have something I wish to tell you.”
  • Lu Yuzhen stopped in his steps. Xia Micheng wasn’t surprised by this. Shangguan Xu now knows about Lu Yuzhen’s identity, so he definitely has something to say to him—of course—without me around.
  • “Then, I’ll leave you two to talk.” Xia Micheng smiled.
  • Lu Yuzhen nodded and reminded her softly, “Wait for me outside. We’ll head home together.”
  • “Alright.” She left.
  • As soon as she was gone, Lu Yuzhen turned toward Shangguan Xu. “King Jiuling, what do you want to discuss with me?”
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