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Chapter 1556 The Person Whom She Truly Liked

  • Shangguan Yuzhen tightened his fists, which were by his side. A few seconds later, he loosened his grip and sat down again. He then revealed a faint smile with his thin lips. “Shangguan Zhou, have you ever considered yourself that I will execute you the moment I sit on the throne?”
  • Shangguan Zhou froze before letting out an awkward chuckle. “Yuzhen, let’s not talk about that first. Shi Xiyu is already here. She isn’t an ordinary girl because she is a rich girl with a high standard. If she doesn’t like you, there will be no marriage, so do you understand what I mean? You must take good care of Shi Xiyu first.”
  • ...
  • In the palace, a few extended bulletproof limousines gradually stopped and a maid spoke politely, “My lady, we are here.”
  • Shi Xiyu was seated in the backseat, but she didn’t get out of the car. The maid said to her again, “My lady, we’ll just go in and have a look as a gesture. If you really don’t like Prince Shangguan, nobody will force you.”
  • Shi Xiyu had a beautiful face. She was different from others because she grew up as a celebrity and moved with the elegance of a socialite. At that moment, she didn’t want to exit the car as she didn’t have any interest in Shangguan Yuzhen. She slowly took out a painting which had a cold but glowing figure on it. This was the person whom she truly liked!
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