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Chapter 1183 She Has Changed Quite a Bit

  • “Uh-huh,” Lu Chikai said in agreement. His porcelain-skinned face was stone cold as he continued, “This cunning fox is starting to get really nervous. She’s probably going to jump out and attack someone soon.”
  • “Little boss, we should bring her down immediately to avoid future troubles!”
  • Lu Chikai raised a hand as he responded. “No. We don’t fully understand the situation yet, but Mommy seems to be remaining passive for now, and anything we do might put her in danger. Also, didn’t you realize that all of the evil schemes were defeated so effortlessly and effectively? It even assisted Daddy to recognize Mommy earlier. I think it’s better for us to just silently watch as they clown around for now.”
  • Song Ming’s eye twitched a little. How will Shangguan Ruofu and Concubine Hua feel if they find out that Lu Chikai thought of all of their elaborate plans as a mere joke?
  • They’d probably… drown in their tears.
  • Just then, Lu Chikai’s phone rang. Someone was calling.
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