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Chapter 786 Xia Micheng Is a Generational Icon in the Medical World

  • The mother-daughter duo were now utterly seething. With practically all their boiling blood rushing into their heads, their fury and envy had already burned all of their rationality away.
  • Xia Micheng’s disappearance had already ruined all of their plans, but that wasn’t the worst of it. As long as Xia Micheng made an appearance again, the public’s negativity would be directed at them again. And now, Madam Li had simply veered out of right field, intending to issue a statement from her lawyer. The situation was dire, for her actions had caught everyone off-guard.
  • Li Yuntong felt that she was in danger. This matter had to be settled quickly, or else the consequences would be disastrous.
  • “Mommy, what should we do now? We have to stop Grandma. We absolutely can’t allow Grandma to issue that lawyer’s statement!” Li Yuntong said stubbornly.
  • “I know. I’m going back right now to look for your grandmother!” Ye Zi picked up her bag and hastily left the place.
  • Right at that moment, a black van was parked outside of the hospital’s entrance. X sat in the back, watching the CCTV feed on the device in her hand. Ye Zi and Li Yuntong’s teeth-clenched fury upon hearing that Madam Li was about to issue a lawyer’s statement was on full display for her.
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