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Chapter 1611 He Hates Kids

  • Gu Longfan’s gaze paused at Ye Yuan. She was sitting on the bed with her arms wrapped around her knees. Her black curly hair fell on her shoulder casually. Under the vibrant neon lights refracted through the window, she was unbelievably dazzling.
  • Then, Gu Longfan reluctantly removed his gaze from Ye Yuan. He had dated many women all this while. While all of them young and beautiful, he had to admit that none of them came close to her elegance.
  • Even after so many years, he still got butterflies in his stomach when he saw her.
  • “What are you thinking?” Gu Longfan walked over.
  • Ye Yuan raised her head before she answered nonchalantly, “Nothing. I was thinking… whether you used any protection when you made love to those women?”
  • Gu Longfan lowered his gaze to look at her. He had his back to the lights, so his expression could not be seen. “Ye Yuan, I have already let you go, so please don’t ask me any personal questions like this. Just show your indifference to me, no matter which woman I’m with or how far we have gone. If you still act aggressively by calling me dirty, fighting with me or asking me whether I use protection, I would think that you still care about me.”
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