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Chapter 1365 Protect the People Who Love Me

  • For the past few days, Liu Zhaodi’s movements were restricted, and her every move was monitored.
  • “Sir Lu, I ran a search but couldn’t find out anything. It’s as if the number which Liu Zhaodi texted didn’t exist at all. This is all very strange.”
  • Lu Zhengzhe pursed his lips and his eyes fell on Lu Chikai. Right at this moment, Chikai broke through the firewall of that mobile number and the printer was printing out a report rapidly. Handing the document to Lu Zhengzhe, Lu Chikai said, “Grandpa, take a look at this. These are the dates and time that Liu Zhaodi contacted that mysterious number over the years.”
  • One glance at the report was enough to strike horror in Song Ming. “Sir Lu, Liu Zhaodi actually already started contacting this mysterious number thirty years ago! If I remember it correctly, all these timings are… they’re around the times when something happened to the Lu family! This is too much of a coincidence!”
  • Over the years, many incidents happened in the Lu family and as their private secretary, Song Ming remembered all the incidents clearly. Before and after these incidents, Liu Zhaodi had contacted this mysterious number. This was all too fishy.
  • Lu Zhengzhe scanned through the report and his brows furrowed deeply as he could also immediately see what Song Ming was talking about.
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