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Chapter 1459 Wifely Duties

  • Lu Zhengzhe took a few strides to the bed and gently placed Liu Yingluo on it. “Tell me, what is it?”
  • After listening to Li Yu on the phone, Liu Yingluo suddenly recalled what transpired between him and Liu Zhaodi. He slept with Liu Zhaodi and they even have a son together. Her heart clenched in agony and she felt suffocated when she recalled their son, Li Xinang’s handsome and elegant face. “Lu Zhengzhe, what she said is true. I am not well versed in sensuality and I just can’t satisfy you.”
  • Upon listening to that, he gradually smiled, but he appeared cold and distant. “Liu Yingluo, is it recently that you aren’t well versed in sensuality or has it been going on for a year or two? Why are you bringing that up now? Just be honest and say it if you don’t want to sleep with me. Stop using excuses that you can’t satisfy me.” His gaze was sharp and it felt as though he scanned her with an X-ray.
  • Liu Yingluo looked to the side. There’s always an unresolved issue between us.
  • Lu Zhengzhe’s handsome features appeared calm, but he was cold and distant. “I’m asking you again. Are you willing to be my Mrs. Lu tonight?” He emphasized on the term ‘Mrs. Lu’—a clear reminder of her wifely duties.
  • Liu Yingluo closed her eyes lightly without answering him. Lu Zhengzhe stood up while removing his pajamas. He changed into a black shirt and a pair of trousers before turning around to leave the room. Bang! The room door was shut with a loud bang.
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