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Chapter 1136 Hugging Him for Warmth

  • Xia Micheng folded the paper before keeping it safe. After doing all that, she felt relieved and relaxed. She reached out to touch Lu Yuzhen’s forehead with her small hand.
  • The next thing she knew, he grabbed her slender wrist. He yearned for the softness of her supple skin. “I’m cold… so cold…”
  • There was no extra quilt available. Xia Micheng bit her moist lower lip before lifting the quilt up. She then wormed her way into his embrace, before wrapping her soft arms around his firm and sturdy waist, and then she molded her soft body against his cool skin.
  • After a while, his body felt even colder for some reason. He might not survive tonight. Xia Micheng stared at his pale and handsome face. Lu Yuzhen’s thin lips were pressed tightly together. He looked weak and frail due to his injuries, and it made him look even more like a haughty and noble wealthy young master. She hesitated before removing her clothes while reaching her small hands underneath his clothes. She traced her hands across his firm and narrow waist…
  • One was warm, but the other was cold; one was tender, whereas the other was firm. Xia Micheng’s shoulder trembled uncontrollably when she came into contact with his icy-cold skin. She started shivering in his arms. However, her body temperature started increasing steadily. The best way for a man and a woman to stay warm was to be entangled in an embrace, no matter how cold it was. His body temperature was gradually increasing, but not by a lot.
  • Upon deciding to save him and confirming what to do in the future, Xia Micheng no longer felt embarrassed. Her eyelashes fluttered, whereas her hands roamed below his waist…
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