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Chapter 655 Xu Shaonan Is Proposing to Xia Micheng

  • Xia Gu was speechless. We’re in Xia residence now, aren’t we? Staring at Madam Li who was butting in his family affairs, his lips twitched.
  • As the Matriarch of the Li Family for years, Madam Li exuded a kind of aura so dominating that the chided subordinate went limp, almost falling on his knees.
  • Just then, a wickedly charming figure appeared. “Stop scaring him, Grandma. It’s me.”
  • Everyone lifted their gazes. It was none other than the Young Master of the Xu Family, Xu Shaonan, who was famous for his recklessness in Beijing.
  • Hes here!
  • Madam Li gave Xu Shaonan an unwelcome look, as if this was really her home. “Why are you here?”
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