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Chapter 380 Lu Yuzhen Had Come!

  • "Yuzhen beat them till they were crippled. Would those distinguished families be willing to let this go quietly? That was against the law, so Yuzhen was immediately arrested. Later on, my brother returned and sent Yuzhen to the hospital for a mental evaluation. The hospital released a report, and Yuzhen was deemed mentally unfit."
  • Xia Micheng's pupils constricted—Lu Yuzhen's father had been the one to personally send him to the hospital. "And what happened after that? There's definitely more to this story, right? A single mental evaluation report certainly wouldn't be able to fool those people."
  • "Fool them?" Lu Feifei burst into laughter. "Micheng, you still think that Yuzhen is a normal person? Don't tell me that you think that the mental evaluation report was fake? It was true!"
  • Xia Micheng's pretty forehead screwed up. She didn't like it when people said that Mr. Lu was ill or had a mental illness. She truly disliked it. Just as she was about to speak, Lu Feifei took out her phone and pushed it over to Xia Micheng. "Micheng, take a look yourself."
  • "What is this?"
  • "I forgot that Yuzhen didn't tell you about what happened after that. The thing was… after he was sent to a mental hospital, he remained in there for three whole years!"
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