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Chapter 375 Please Help Me Wipe There Too

  • Stretching out his hands, Lu Yuzhen pulled her hard into his arms.
  • Although this big movement had tugged on his injuries and made him feel pain, he did not let go of her and hugged her even more tightly. He started kissing away the tears on her small face and said hoarsely, “Don’t cry, Micheng. I’m sorry. It’s heartbreaking to see you crying for me…”
  • Despite Xia Micheng being a doctor herself, thus she should have been used to seeing the occurrences of life and death in front of her, she was still terrified upon hearing him getting into an accident on the phone yesterday.
  • He had even told her that he was in pain…
  • Lu Yuzhen was a man who would not utter a word even if he was bleeding. He had always been so strong and fearless, as if no one could ever defeat him.
  • However, he told her on the phone that he was in pain…
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