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Chapter 1193 Mystery Man

  • “Stop right there! Who do you think you are? You’ve broken into Jiuling Palace and badly injured the King. You think you can just leave? Let Princess Lanlou go at once, and I mean the crown princess!” One of the men in armor blocked his way.
  • The crown princess?
  • The way the guard addressed Xia Micheng reminded Lu Yuzhen of her other identity. He angrily swept across the room with bloodshot eyes and his fiery glare eventually fell on Shangguan Xu.
  • Shangguan Xu was now sober and his gaze was planted on Lu Yuzhen. The man who had stormed Jiuling Palace had not lost his cool even though he was fenced by troops of palace guards. In fact, he exuded an intense aura of prevailing repression which commanded allegiance.
  • Shangguan Xu’s eyes took in Lu Yuzhen slowly, studying him from top to bottom. Then he said, “All of you can leave. Chairman Lu, go ahead.”
  • He stepped away, and the path to the door was now clear.
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