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Chapter 1658 The Thin Shield Between Them Was Unveiled

  • Ye Yuan was silent as she knew that he was in a bad mood, a very bad mood. Gu Longfan kept the medical kit after tending to her wounds. Ignoring Ye Yuan, he headed right toward the bathroom to wash his hands.
  • Ye Yuan trailed behind him like a lost little puppy. “What’s wrong, Chairman Gu? Are you mad?”
  • Gu Longfan’s eyes looked gorgeous as he was washing his hands attentively. He did not turn around and appeared cold. “Why? Are you going to coax me if I am angry?”
  • The woman behind him said nothing at that. Gu Longfan’s thin lips curled up into a small sarcastic smile. Since she wasn’t going to coax him, why should she care if he was mad or not? Right when he rolled his sleeves up, a soft object sneaked in from underneath of his arm and probed in between him and the basin. Immediately, Ye Yuan’s small pretty face magnified under his view.
  • “I’m here to coax you now, Chairman Gu,” Ye Yuan consoled him before she reached out to hook her arms around his neck and whispered, “Why do I feel like I’m getting taken advantage of by the overseer of money?”
  • Gu Longfan turned the tap off before snaking his arm around her slender waist. “You might have misunderstood because you’ve never really served your overseer of money. Or are you saying that celebrities’ qualities are so bad nowadays that they don’t even know about the unspoken rules?”
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