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Chapter 960 This Is All for Show

  • Just like that, Su Ju took Xia Micheng away.
  • A subordinate asked Li Zhanming and Lu Zhengzhe, “Sir, should we chase after them?”
  • Before the two of them could answer him, Shangguan Zhou answered swiftly, “There is no need to chase after them. We should leave as soon as possible because the darkness is upon us.” With that, Shangguan Zhou took his men and left to return to Huaxi Province.
  • Li Zhanming and Lu Zhengzhe looked up after they heard that. True enough, the darkness of the night sky in front of them loomed closer than before and resembled a huge abyss with mysterious and eerie powers, ready to engulf them.
  • Xia Micheng was now with Su Ju and he lived in a magnificent and splendid palace. A female servant tidied the room while Xia Micheng stood in front of the window, gazing through the polished glass window at Su Ju behind her. “Su Ju, it is truly you. You have hid yourself well.”
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