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Chapter 1134 Cheng, Don’t Go

  • Xia Micheng froze and turned around instantly. Lu Yuzhen was right in front of her—perfectly right there. He is not dead! Great, he is not dead! She laughed and cried at the same time, quickly swimming and punching him on his firm shoulder with her fists. “Lu Yuzhen, you scared me to death! You scared me to death...” She repeatedly whispered those words as she was already overcome with fear.
  • Lu Yuzhen didn’t dodge and allowed her to hit him. He looked at her gently as his eyes overflowed with love. Suddenly, he lowered his body and leaned his head on her shoulders, sighing in a low voice. "Cheng..."
  • Cheng... He’s whispering my name, Cheng. Xia Micheng froze. Lu Yuzhen's voice slowly weakened, but Xia Micheng still heard it clearly. He said, “Xia Micheng, why... did you abandon me? Where did I not do well? Why did you fall in love with another man?”
  • Xia Micheng's heart seemed to be pierced by a sharp sword that stirred rigorously, making her feel hurt. Lu Yuzhen reached out and hugged her slender waist. In the cold water, the warmth of her soft body gently transmitted over to him and he kissed her hair. Xia Micheng wanted to push him away.
  • Hiss. There was a low groan in her ears and Lu Yuzhen's handsome eyebrows were clenched tightly together into a deep frown.
  • "What’s wrong?" Xia Micheng reached out to touch his back and felt a puddle of warm stickiness. The surrounding seawater had all turned red. He was badly injured.
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