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Chapter 947 Xia Micheng Has a Miscarriage

  • She is pregnant. She is having a miscarriage.
  • Initially, Lu Yuzhen heard a voice say that. After that, multiple voices repeated those two phrases to him. She is pregnant. She is having a miscarriage.
  • Countless scenes of Xia Micheng feeling unwell recently flashed through Lu Yuzhen’s mind like a video clip. She did not have an appetite; she kept sleeping, and she even enjoyed sour plums.
  • I thought it was due to the aging disease, but it turns out it wasn’t. She is pregnant.
  • She is pregnant with my child.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s handsome eyes turned bloodshot, and he shifted his gaze very slowly toward the woman’s small face. He enunciated each syllable forcefully, “Cheng, a-are you pregnant?”
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