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Chapter 887 The First Princess!

  • Ye Zi took a cold deep breath. The man from that night was also the King of Huaxi Province?
  • All those years, she felt so lonely staying in the room alone, and all she could think of was Li Zhanming. She didn’t want to cheat on him because there wasn’t anyone else in her heart except him. However, that night, she got drunk in the bar, and when she was all tipsy, someone carried her to a room. What happened next was a night of mistakes.
  • After that, the man was long gone, and she was caught by Madam Li. That was why Madam Li could never forgive her during the past few years.
  • Ye Zi hated the man from that night, but she could only live with it.
  • Now, as Old Master Ye told her that the man that night was the King of Huaxi Province, she quickly realized something; that night wasn’t an accident, but a setup.
  • “Dad, did you set me up with that man? What the hell were you trying to do?” Ye Zi asked emotionally.
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