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Chapter 523 Making an Effort to Ask Xia Micheng Out

  • Fan Qi gaped and looked at the playboy, Sun Jin, in front of her. Is there something wrong with him? He actually bought a bun for Xia Micheng and kept it warm in his jacket all the way here. This isn’t his usual behavior.
  • Xia Micheng shrugged her shoulders softly and looked at Sun Jin with her bright eyes. “Young Master Sun, thank you for the bun. I’m grateful for that, but I won’t take it.”
  • Sun Jin had had many girlfriends before but never had he tried so hard to please a girl. Yet, he was rejected.
  • “Xia Micheng, why don’t you take the bun? I know I was at fault before this, but I’m going to work hard to ask you out starting from today!” Sun Jin confessed.
  • Xia Micheng didn’t know what to reply to him.
  • At this time, a cough sounded behind them. It was Mr. Wu. He looked at Sun Jin and said, “Young Master Sun, we’re about to start our lesson. Find her later if you still have issues to discuss with her.”
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