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Chapter 870 She Once Loved Him More Than Her Life

  • What? Xia Micheng’s pupils constricted, for her most feared problem had taken place. If Lu Yuzhen recovered his memory, there was a possibility that his sleeping disorder and second personality would resurface. Therefore, she quickly dashed out. Madam Lu and Mrs. Wu followed her. “Micheng, wait for us.”
  • At the Lu Residence.
  • Xia Micheng, Madam Lu, and Mrs. Wu came as fast as they could. When they reached the study, they could see that Lu Yuzhen had passed out on the carpet with a pale face while the doctor beside was giving him an emergency treatment.
  • Xia Micheng quickly went up to him and squatted down to check his pulse. At the moment, her fine white fingers were trembling.
  • When Madam Lu saw that her grandson had fainted, she immediately turned toward Lu Zhengzhe angrily. “Zhengzhe, what did you say to Zhen? Did you oppose him from being with Micheng?”
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