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Chapter 1399 Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Li Zhanming raised his handsome brows. “I have banks under my name, so I don’t need to rob one.”
  • Lin Hurou was rendered speechless. Damn capitalist!
  • She reached out and pushed the man away before tidying up her dress. “I will find a way to return the money to you. Now, I’m leaving to raise some money. Please stand aside!”
  • With that, she opened the door and left.
  • Seeing her figure, Li Zhanming was dead certain that she had no money. 10.2 billion is an astronomical figure for her. I will use this debt to force her to lower her head to me. Serves her right for being so arrogant lately. I really need to teach her a lesson!
  • Just like that, he waited for her to come to him on her own accord.
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