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Chapter 559 University A Was Their Pride

  • Zhao Wei and his teammates stood frozen. They initially thought that the incident had been wrapped up like Xia Micheng had said. However, they did not expect that Mr. Zhou and Mr. Wu were around and witnessed the entire incident.
  • Now that Mr. Wu wanted to call them to account, Zhao Wei and his friends knew that they were done for.
  • Mr. Zhou looked sullen. Not only had University T lost the game, the players were also involved in this scandal, which brought shame to the university.
  • “Zhao Wei, as well as you three, tidy up and come to my office. I’ll have to circulate a serious notice of punishment for your actions!” Mr. Zhou bellowed and left.
  • Zhao Wei and his friends paled. Ultimately, they could not escape from the serious consequences that they had to bear from their wrongdoings. Everyone had to take responsibility for his or her life.
  • Xia Micheng’s tiny and pretty face flashed across his mind. Why would Mr. Zhou and Mr. Wu appear coincidentally? Was that her plan as well?
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