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Chapter 1403 Back to the Lu Residence

  • Li Zhanming’s head immediately hurt, knowing that his mother was up to her antics again. “Mom, I—”
  • “Oh, my head hurts so much! I’m about to faint! Zhanming, come home now!” With that, only a beeping tone was heard as Madam Li hung up directly.
  • After hanging up, he immediately sank into a bad mood and ordered his personal butler, “You can start to drive now. Also, prepare for a private airplane for me to return to Beijing.”
  • “Yes, sir.” The luxury car sped away, leaving Lin Hurou behind. “Hey! Li Zhanming!” However, she only saw the overbearing and beautiful back of the car and was speechless as the car kicked up dust onto her face. F*ck! What does Li Zhanming want? No, I must get the hidden martial arts scroll back!
  • Lin Hurou rushed to the airport quickly—she wanted to follow him all the way back to Beijing to take her property back!
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