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Chapter 1709 The Coldest Winter

  • The corners of Li Zhanming’s lips curled up when he saw his wife opening red packets cheerfully. “Mrs. Li, why are you still addressing me as President Li? Isn’t it time to change now?”
  • Lin Hurou’s eyelashes fluttered as she stared at him in confusion. “What should I call you, then? Li Zhanming? Mr. Li?”
  • Li Zhanming pinched her waist. “Try me again!”
  • Lin Hurou giggled as she was ticklish and fell into Li Zhanming’s embrace. She stared at him with glistening eyes before she called out sweetly, “Hubby!”
  • Li Zhanming felt himself going soft when he heard Lin Hurou as he lowered his head, wanting to kiss her.
  • However, Lin Hurou swiftly dodged him and continued counting her red packets.
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