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Chapter 651 Xia Gu's Birthday Party Has Started

  • Xia Gu quickly grabbed the arm of one of the guests. “Hey, where’s your son? I told you that you should bring along your son!”
  • The guest put on a hollow laugh. “Mr. Xia, I’m so sorry. My son suffered from diarrhea yesterday. He’s still lying in bed now.”
  • Xia Gu clicked his tongue, displeased. He looked at another guest and said, “What about your son?”
  • “My son was unlucky. He was coming here when someone crashed into his car, breaking his legs. He’s still in the hospital now.” The guest covered his face and started bawling.
  • Xia Gu held his hands at his back and glanced at another guest. “What about your son? Don’t tell me he’s hospitalized as well.”
  • “Mr. Xia, m-my mom just passed away this morning, so my son is mourning for her now. Oh, mother! How could you leave me behind just like that?” The guest then burst into tears.
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