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Chapter 1047 Xia Micheng, Just You Try to Bite Me!

  • Xia Micheng’s heart sank. Is he trying to control my life? To what extent will he control me?
  • Xia Micheng was heartbroken after she heard his words. She stared into the depths of his cold eyes; his pupils were like black ink that had spread across paper, so dark it seemed to absorb all light, making it almost impossible to gauge his thoughts.
  • “Please don’t do this to me, Lu Yuzhen. Even if I choose to quit my job in the kindergarten, I still have other things to do.”
  • “Oh?” Lu Yuzhen interrupted coldly, his thin lips pulling into a smirk. “Is it because you have someone else to devote to?”
  • Xia Micheng was struck speechless. Lu Yuzhen went to her and pinched her soft waist. “Oh, I forgot. Soon, you are going to meet Su Ju in Huaxi Province. He must be waiting for you there, right? Who knows? The child that you had with him might be there too. So I guess that’s the reason why you can’t spend your day with my son, Lu Chikai, and your night with me, am I right?”
  • So he did hear my conversation with Su Ju. He knows I am going to Huaxi Province. Xia Micheng tried to ignore his biting sarcasm and lowered her gaze. “Yes, I am going to Huaxi Province, as I have a vital task there. Besides, you have many other women besides me, so I'm sure you'll grow bored of me if we always stick together—ahh!”
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