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Chapter 476 A Serious Relationship (2)

  • Lu Yuzhen turned around and looked at her. “What’s the matter?”
  • “Why don’t you tell me what’s the matter?” With her face blushing, Xia Micheng clenched her tiny fist and pounded on him twice. “It’s all your fault.”
  • Lu Yuzhen immediately noticed that her body was aching, so he turned around and patted on his strong back. “Hop on. Let me piggyback you home and you can get some rest. We can have more fun tomorrow.”
  • Quickly, Xia Micheng hopped onto him. With both of her little hands around his neck, she drew herself closer and pecked his handsome face, speaking softly but hesitantly with the intention to coax him. “Mr. Lu, are you angry at me? Why are you angry at me?”
  • Lu Yuzhen had his large hands on her sexy hips to securely support her. He pressed his lips together, and said in a low voice, “I think you are messing around with me.”
  • “Why do you say so?”
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