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Chapter 1129 A Legendary Yet Elegant Woman

  • Concubine Mei also quickly defended herself, “My King, P-Prince Kai and I are innocent. Princess Lanlou is trying to frame us. You must believe in us!”
  • Shangguan Zhou looked toward Xia Micheng. “Princess Lanlou, you are suspecting that Concubine Mei is having an affair with Shangguan Kai, but do you have the evidence?”
  • Xia Micheng shook her head. “I don’t.”
  • Shangguan Kai and Concubine Mei let out a huge sigh of relief. Luckily, Xia Micheng doesn’t have any proof or else we’ll be pieces of dead meat today.
  • “However,” Xia Micheng continued, “King Shangguan, the royal heir is such an important matter. The twins inside Concubine Mei are now six months old, so I can use only a needle to extract the fetal blood right here. Then, I can use it to carry out a DNA paternity test with Prince Kai’s blood. The true identity of the twins’ father will be obvious by then.”
  • Fetal blood puncture? DNA paternity test? Shangguan Kai and Concubine Mei just had a breath of relief before they suddenly held their breaths again. They couldn’t understand how a simple engagement party would end up like this. Now, all of their plans were foiled and the focus was right on the two of them.
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