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Chapter 1405 The Truth Finally Prevailed

  • Everything was just an illusion. Lu Zhengzhe’s hands froze mid-air. At that moment, Xia Micheng walked to him. Her dress swept the carpet gracefully as she held the red bell in her palms, placing it behind her back. Then, she said in a clear and gentle voice, “Uncle Lu, everything is over now.”
  • He stood up and saw Madam Lu and Liu Yingluo walking to him. Apart from them, Guan Zilong was also here as he pushed the unconscious Lu Feifei forward. Everyone who was involved in that accident was present. His sullen gaze fell on Xia Micheng’s red bell. “What’s that?”
  • “This is the Demon’s bell from the Mermaid Clan. Once this bell rings, the perpetrator is able to control anyone’s mind. During Aunt Feifei’s birthday celebration back then, Aunt Yingluo, Uncle Zilong as well as Aunt Feifei were being controlled by the bell chimes. That night, a significantly unfortunate incident happened, causing insurmountable grief to everyone. Since then, the Lu Family has been shrouded in darkness and the grudges have lasted for over three decades. The hatred has overpowered everyone’s lives with no exception whatsoever,” Xia Micheng explained in a gentle voice. The truth finally prevailed—everything began with the Devil’s bell and also ended with it.
  • At that moment, Madam Lu’s eyes were reddened with tears. She walked forward to hold Xia Micheng’s hands as she asked, “Cheng, what grudges do we have with the Mermaid Clan? Why did they set us up thirty years ago?”
  • Xia Micheng held her aged hands in return. “Grandma, it’s all because of... Aunty Yingluo.”
  • “Because of Yingluo?” Madam Lu was confused by her answer.
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