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Chapter 1035 Don’t You Have Other Women

  • It was already nighttime when the young man and woman were entangled in such an intimate posture. Xia Micheng immediately blushed after he asked if she had showered. “Lu Yuzhen, stop acting this way. Kai is in the bedroom.”
  • “Kai? Ha!” Lu Yuzhen chuckled in a hoarse voice. “Xia Micheng, what gives you the right to mention Kai in front of me, huh?”
  • Xia Micheng’s clear and beautiful eyes focused on Lu Yuzhen’s face, and she stopped struggling eventually.
  • Lu Yuzhen squinted at her flushed cheeks while staring openly at her, who had just had her shower. She was currently wearing a pajama made of white silk, and it was loosely fitted around her. Her oversized pajama semi-covered her petite and alluring figure; furthermore, the clothing ended just at her thighs, effectively exposing her slender and fair legs, making her look especially attractive.
  • They had not seen each other for three years. With her aging with time, Xia Micheng was becoming more feminine in almost every aspect. There was a hidden sensual side of her behind her casual façade, and it was especially seductive.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, let’s have a discussion,” suggested Xia Micheng softly.
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