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Chapter 583 Kissing Someone at the Venue

  • Lu Yuzhen knew that everything was fake. She’d only treated him nicely because she wanted something from him, yet he still couldn’t help but feel warm all over.
  • “Why aren’t you saying anything, Chairman Lu? Can’t you just bring me inside, Chairman Lu?” Xia Micheng continuously calling out for him with her sweet voice made him feel as if she almost sucked out his soul.
  • “Don’t you have anything else to address me by except for Chairman Lu?”
  • How else should I address him? Xia Micheng pondered for a moment before she stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “Mr. Lu…”
  • Mr. LuLu Yuzhen’s heart thudded when he heard her calling him that. Immediately, flashbacks came up, coursing through his mind. However, the images went past him so fast that he couldn’t grasp onto anything in the end.
  • “Mr. Lu!” Xia Micheng called out again.
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