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Chapter 771 Ye Mengxiao’s Powder

  • Instead of going to the Academy of Sciences, Lu Xinang went to the bar for a drink.
  • Soon, his table was full of empty bottles as he could not stop drinking.
  • At that moment, Ye Youxuan arrived at the bar with Ye Mengxiao.
  • “Mengxiao, Lu Xinang is really the man of my dreams; now that his feelings have been hurt by Xia Micheng, it’s the perfect time for me to step in. I know that you treat me the best, Mengxiao. Is there any way for you to let Lu Xinang fall for me? I want him to fall head over heels in love with me!”
  • Standing in a dark corner, Ye Mengxiao looked at Lu Xinang and answered, “Yes, I have.”
  • “Really? That’s wonderful! Mengxiao, hurry up and tell me what’s on your mind!” Ye Youxuan urged impatiently.
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