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Chapter 791 That Night

  • Ye Zi froze right on the spot.
  • Li Zhanming walked over to the gleaming French window. He didn’t look at Ye Zi. Instead, he tossed a paper onto the bedside table. “Take a look at this. If there isn’t any problem, sign it.”
  • Ye Zi looked at the document, the words ‘divorce agreement’ careening into her sight.
  • Li Zhanming was truly about to divorce her!
  • Ye Zi’s hands went cold. She had taken a bath with rose petals so that she would smell nice. She wanted to mend her relationship with Li Zhanming. He never had any women by his side during all these years, but she didn’t believe that he didn’t have any base desires in him at all. She wanted to create a deep tie with Li Zhanming in bed.
  • However, Li Zhanming didn’t allow her to get closer at all. Now, Ye Zi raised her head to look at his handsome and chiseled face. The former son of Beijing, Li Zhanming had grown even more good-looking with the winds of time. His aura had always been distant. He had been educated by the very best ever since he was a child, and every fiber of his being radiated a sort of otherworldly aura of abstinence.
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