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Chapter 377 Your Love Cannot Save Him

  • Xia Micheng ran out to send away the doctor who was conducting the ward round. When the doctor saw her flushed face, he even thought she was feeling unwell. Eventually, Xia Micheng muddled through by lying that she was probably too tired.
  • Standing by the window, she let the cold wind sweep over her while scolding that lecher Lu Yuzhen in her mind for a while. After feeling that her face was not as warm as before, she prepared to return to the ward.
  • At this moment, a familiar figure was walking toward her. The person was Lu Feifei.
  • Lu Feifei was here.
  • Although she had no idea what Lu Yuzhen had talked about with his aunt, Lu Feifei at the Saint Paul Hotel two days ago, she was certain that they had an unpleasant conversation because the duo parted on bad terms.
  • Xia Micheng stopped in her tracks. “Aunt Lu, why are you here? Are you here to visit Mr. Lu?”
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