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Chapter 847 Eat an Apple or…

  • Xia Micheng raised her eyes and looked at the man before her. Lu Yuzhen had just finished his shower and wore a dark blue silk pyjamas, which was fastened rather loosely with a belt and revealed half of his muscular chest. His short hair was wet and flat on his head with water dripping down as he did not use a towel to dry it. The man was covered in a refreshing mist and replaced his usual elite and noble character with his young and handsome attributes that would make people blush.
  • She initially burned with fury, but when she was pinned down by Lu Yuzhen, who had a handsome, harmless face, her voice unconsciously softened. “Lu Yuzhen, what are you doing? Why did you ask Mrs. Wu to call me? Now that Grandma and Mrs. Wu know about this, though it won’t bother you as you are often not at home, it will be so embarrassing for me to even look them in the face!”
  • Staring at her gorgeous face, he uttered, “Why are you being fierce? I’ve asked you to come upstairs, so why didn’t you do so? Grandma and Mrs. Wu have also experienced things like this before and it’s normal for us to do something in the room.”
  • Xia Micheng was at a loss for words. This shameless man! She clenched her tiny fists and pounded on his shoulder.
  • As a girl, she was more sensitive and shier. Seeing that she was exasperated, he pretended to scowl in pain and pressed on his injured right arm. As expected, Xia Micheng believed in it. She forgot about her anger and quickly looked at his right arm in nervousness. “What happened? Are you alright? I didn’t use much force just now…”
  • “This is for you.” Lu Yuzhen took out something and handed it to her.
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