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Chapter 1457 I Just Want You

  • Lu Zhengzhe glanced at Tiao before turning to her with eyes that burned in lust. He is urging me. He is urging me to return to the room.
  • “Grandpa Lu, I’m done. Granny, you should go.” Tiao slid underneath the quilt and closed his eyes to sleep.
  • Liu Yingluo was rendered speechless when she saw Tiao pretending to be asleep in mere seconds. She stood up and left the room.
  • In the master bedroom, Liu Yingluo showered and walked out in a pair of silk pajamas. The bed was empty and she saw Lu Zhengzhe on the balcony after she looked sideways. His back was facing her and he rested a hand on the carved railing. He had a cigarette balanced between his fingers in his other hand. His black pajamas billowed with the chilly wind outside.
  • He turned around when he heard noises. His dark and narrow gaze focused on her through the cigarette smoke, leering at her from head to toe several times before squinting at her. “Are you done with your shower?” His husky voice sounded seductive.
  • Lu Zhengzhe was irresistible during the night; he was graceful and dignified amidst his elegance. He leered at Liu Yingluo as though she was naked.
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