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Chapter 1550 A Trap

  • Lu Xinang nodded. “I’ve heard that Shangguan Zhou and the Princess of the Mermaid Clan have captured Madam and the four swordswomen. Tomorrow, they will be exposed to the public in front of Xuanwu Gate. I know some people inside, so I can sneak you in tomorrow in disguise.”
  • “Shangguan Zhou and the Princess know that I’ll definitely be there tomorrow. They’ve already set up a trap waiting for me.”
  • “Are you still going, then?”
  • “Of course. I must go!” Xia Micheng quirked up her red lips. “Not only do I want to go there, I also want to bring Madam and the four swordswomen home.”
  • She wanted to bring them all back. The Ancient Lanlou Kingdom was their home, so she couldn’t leave them alone in Huaxi Province.
  • “Are you sure you can? It’s not easy to escape a convoluted trap with all five of them.”
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