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Chapter 1527 Ye Yuan and Gu Xian

  • With that, Ye Yuan turned around to leave.
  • Gu Xian’s expression changed drastically, and an eerie expression flashed across his face. He blocked Ye Yuan’s way immediately. “Yuan, are you still in love with my son, Longfan?”
  • Ye Yuan came to a halt.
  • Gu Xian had never gotten over the relationship between Gu Longfan and Ye Yuan. Gu Longfan caught me red-handed while I was peeking at Ye Yuan in the shower. It took me so much effort to get my hands on the stunning and beautiful girl from the wealthy Ye Family. However, Gu Longfan took her away the moment she turned into an adult, and this has been a chip on my shoulder ever since.
  • “Did I say something wrong, Ye Yuan? You have already slept with my son. Why are you pretending to uphold vows of chastity when you are a wh*re in reality? What is wrong for you to sleep with another man? Besides, you would have died in the streets if it weren’t for me all those years ago. I’ve raised you throughout the years, so you should at least sleep with me once to show your gratitude!”
  • Ye Yuan felt her body turn cold, and she stared at Gu Xian, who had turned into a complete monster. She hissed viciously at him, “B*stard!”
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