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Chapter 1460 I Drugged Myself

  • Knock! Knock! Knock! She suddenly heard someone knocking against the door outside. She opened her eyes. “Who is it?”
  • “It’s me,” a deep and seductive voice answered her.
  • It was Lu Zhengzhe. He is back. I can’t believe he’s back. I thought he wouldn’t return tonight. Liu Yingluo wore her flip-flops and got out of bed before she walked to the room door to open the door.
  • A tall and handsome figure stood at the door—Lu Zhengzhe stared at her face unblinkingly with a lustful gaze. “W-Why are you back?” Liu Yingluo stared at him.
  • Lu Zhengzhe smirked. “Were you hoping that I don’t come back or did you assume I’m not coming back?”
  • Liu Yingluo scowled at him without answering him. Lu Zhengzhe reached out his large palm to grab onto her thin wrist. “Yingluo, you promised me that you’d be my Mrs. Lu for a month. You have to pretend to love me within this month even if you don’t love me. Do you understand me?”
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