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Chapter 187 Rebirth

  • What? Zhou Ping casted a stern look at Zhao Liying. “Director Zhao, is Xia Micheng telling the truth?”
  • Of course, Zhao Liying would never admit to his faults. “Director Zhou, please pay no heed to Xia Micheng’s nonsense. Xia Micheng, do you have any evidence if you are so intent on filing a police report?”
  • “Of course.” Xia Micheng glared at Zhao Liying condescendingly. “Shuang Shuang boarded your vehicle at the main entrance of Lu Group’s establishment, and you took away her mobile phone before throwing her off on the highway. Leader Zhao, did you think there are no CCTVs at the main entrance of Lu Group’s establishment nor on the highways? All that is required to reveal your ugly face and undermine your false claims is to check on those surveillance records.”
  • Zhao Liying’s face went pale. “No, Xia Micheng. Who do you think you are to be able to simply get your hands on them?”
  • “Try me. We’ll see if I can get my hands on those records or not!”
  • Zhao Liying looked at Xia Micheng who stood in front of him. She was merely 19 years of age, yet her eyes held a clear and sharp gaze that seemed to be able to pierce through all lies and pretense. Her slender back upheld such a strong presence that he was almost keen to worship her. He had always disdained her and saw her as a country bumpkin who came back from the suburbs with only a high school degree, and yet now, he could not help but feel frightened by her. She will be able to get her hands on them, because Lu Yuzhen has her back!
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