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Chapter 961 Xia Micheng Is Pregnant With Twins

  • “This is my child with him and it will be our first child together. I really want to deliver the baby safely and healthily. I hope that the child will resemble him if it’s a son. I will just be a liability to him if I remain by his side. Li Yuntong and Shangguan Zhou would make use of his weakness. This is something that cannot be resolved, so I have no choice but to sever ties with him. The aging disease I have will continue its attacks and I am not sure how much time I have left. I cannot accompany him forever and I hope that he will forget about me by moving on with courage. I also hope he never looks back and that he would be bold enough to be happy.”
  • Su Ju knew what she thought without her needing to express her thoughts. He took a step forward and slightly crouched to pat Xia Micheng’s head. “However, the aging disease will rapidly weaken your body. You might not be able to give birth to this child safely.”
  • Xia Micheng looked up at Su Ju with sparkling bright eyes, which looked as beautiful as the starry night sky. “That is why I will do my best. With my current state, I should not even be able to conceive. However, this child truly exists and I can feel that he will grow up to become a strong and powerful person.”
  • Su Ju caressed Xia Micheng’s hair as his heart broke for her. “Alright. The reason I am staying here is to protect you. I will support you no matter what your decisions are.”
  • “Ju, thank you.”
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