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Chapter 1702 There Was a Car Accident

  • The moment Li Zhanming’s warm voice rang in Lin Hurou’s ear, she finally felt her uneasy heart settling down. Simultaneously, she felt wronged because he left her pining after him for days after their night together. She had not expected him to be so irresponsible.
  • Lin Hurou rested her chin on her bent knees, and her eyes were red. Was she about to cry? Probably.
  • Love was the most fragile luxury item in the world. She was born with her own destiny, and she had indeed embarked on journeys that had given her new experiences and lovely sceneries. The only thing she had not tried out was love.
  • She dared not give her sincere heart to anyone and forbade herself to be weak and dependent. However, everything changed when she met Li Zhanming.
  • Even though they did not cross paths in their younger days, the timing of his appearance was not too early nor too late. She loved and craved for the scent on his body and his unexpected gentleness in life.
  • Lin Hurou clutched her phone tightly and agreed quietly, “Okay.”
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